CoMSES Catalog

A bibliographic database of 7673 publications of agent-based and individual-based models in all applications domains, from cancer modeling to ancient societies

The CoMSES Catalog is made to discover and improve the state of computational model archiving. Publication information about digital context (e.g. code archive urls, sponsorship, programming platform, documentation) has been added where available.

The database was created using keywords on agent-based and individual-based modeling and likely to be incomplete. If you have suggestions for additional publications recommend them here. We included meta-data for the publications and if you find any mistakes, please contact us.

You are invited to explore the database, submit suggestions for publications that you find missing, mistakes you find in the metadata, or explore the landscape of publications via the visualization feature.

With this catalog you can explore the world of agent-based and individual-based models and find models of your interest. If you have suggestions for additional publications, you can propose them here.
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If you want to explore the database, you can do this in different ways. You can use the search option to search for specific journals, topics or authors. With the visualization option you can explore visualize trends of selected items.


Need to find an agent or individual based model about a particular topic? You can find papers in the database by searching for keywords and filtering by code availability, author and programming platform.


Want to figure out how popular particular topics are in agent and individual based modeling? Visualize search queries and get summary plots about publication counts each year, code availability, documentation standards, programming platform and more.