How to search
  1. To visualize a search result you can search by keywords (optional) and filter by authors, journals, platforms, sponsors and tags from the bar on the left.

  2. Select what content you want to visualize. This could be author, journal, platform, sponsor and tag

The resulting search results will include all results that match the keywords entered and at least one of the filter criteria

What to plot
  1. Select statistics you want to plot from the Available Statistics section. You can choose from:
    Code Availability Count
    Publications with successfully downloadable model code
    Formal Description Count
    Publications with pseudocode or mathematical description (Count)
    ODD Documentation Count
    Publications with an Overview, Design concepts and Details document (Count)
    Visual Documentation Count
    Publications with UML, flowcharts or ontologies (Count)
  2. Select which authors, journals, platforms, sponsors or tags you want to want to plot from the table. To select one just click on the appropriate row. To select many Ctnl+Click the rows.
Interpreting the plot

The plot will show the total number of publications published that year for the content item selected in the summary table (could be a author, journal, platform, sponsor or tag) as well as any other count statistics you selected.

Data Quality

Only publications in the ISI Web of Science matching particular keywords (such as agent base modeling) or explicitly requested for inclusion are in the database.

Publication data is loaded in periodically (a few times a year) so count data for the last year will be inaccurate.