Agent-based modeling of collaborative creative processes with INGENIAS

Authored by Juan Pavon, Garrido Luis de, Sanz Jorge Gomez

Date Published: 2019

DOI: 10.3233/aic-190618

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Platforms: Java

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Many creative methods, such as different types of brainstorming, are based on the collaboration among a set of persons. The collaboration follows some well established workflows, which could be formalized. This would allow the generation of computational models that can be implemented to make some tools that facilitate the enactment of creative processes, or the simulation for the analysis of their characteristics. This work shows how to model this kind of collaborative creative processes as multi-agent systems, by representing the participants as interacting agents in well-defined workflows. This is done with the INGENIAS modeling language and tools, which also support rapid prototyping using the JADE agent platform. A concrete creative method, Symbolic Brainstorming, is used to illustrate and validate the feasibility of the approach.
Ingenias JADE Agent-based modeling Symbolic brainstorming Computational creativity Multi-agent Systems (MAS)